My strength is to empower you in terms of personalized, sustainable solutions.

My work approach enables you to identify life-affirming personal expectations and meaningful perspectives and goals within a short period of time, to dissolve blockages and frustrations, to tune into goals and flow, and to approach and test the implementation of your possible projects, optimizing them if necessary.

What is your opportunity?
You set the goals, I prepare you to really achieve them.
My intention: healing, satisfaction and strengthening your ability to strive for personal goals and to achieve them.

How can I offer my support?

Hypnosis (awake hypnosis, regression), counselling, accompaniment
Ich unterstütze Sie dabei, Blockaden zu lösen, Ihr persönliches Wohlbefinden zu fördern und Ihren Fokus auf positive Veränderungen zu richten.

What do you invest in it?
1-3 sessions of 1-3 hours each (within 1-3 months)

How do we proceed?
I arrange the meetings and location with you usually in person or online. At this an agreement is made. This agreement is very results oriented and the implementation is completed after 1 to 3 meetings.

English (UK)