my experiences

my experiences

Use intercultural insights

Learning from people who have lived through shattering experiences
My interest in existential issues and their resolution through a life-affirming way of living began in the 1990s through my work based on relationships with African and Eastern European partners in post-war situations.¬†This allowed me to understand how people act, cope and live meaningfully with their often violent or traumatising experiences, with stress, with life-threatening or life-changing events or loss and fear. 

Learning from people who empower, teach, heal, center themselves
I deepened these experiences and subsequently learned specifically from people with religious, spiritual or scientific expertise and backgrounds. They teach how people are able to cope with or overcome violent or traumatising experiences, strengthen their resilience, cleanse themselves and re-engage and build inner strength based on energetic and spiritual foundations. 

I work with this knowledge, confirmed with modern scientific findings and with basic, easy-to-implement tools for this.

my further educations
- certified hypnotherapist (OMNI)
- non-violent communication, mediation and conflict resolution
- Traditional energy work and healing stones

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